Beograd, Srbija
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Who Are We?

This family business is set up in the way to ensure stable practice and successful results.
Seven years of working experience from Canada in property management, and previous and current contacts in Belgrade helps us build a variety of option that we are offering to our clients.

Our rental rate is 98% of the available property rent period.
This business is all about people. We choose to build a long-lasting relationships based on trust and cooperation.
Our usual business practice is to choose medium range price services for renovations and repairs, since the lowest prices do not always pay off in the long-term, and we thus avoid unplanned reworks and fixes.

This has started and still continues to be a family business.
We cover a whole range of activities required for successful accomplishment of every aspect
of the objectives to develop, protect and make the most of renting your property.

We invite you to meet us and find out by yourself how useful we can be for your situation.
Whatever your choice may be, we will make sure that you get it in the way most convenient for you.
We are currently building our reference list with new customers which you will be able to check.

Marko Spasovski

Marko Spasovski
Practical man with the vision of these services.
Acquired a lot of experience in Vancouver, Canada, where he worked
for seven years, and was responsible for units going through all stages
of the process associated with property management,
building, maintaining and renting.

Tamara Vugdragovic

Tamara (Spasovski) Vugragovic
Responsible for administration, bookkeeping and legal issues.
Capable to help you with design and presentation of property
through electronic media.

Family agency that offers reliability and safety that only family can provide.

Be a part of our family!